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  • Emily Graham

Key Steps to Elegantly Staging Your Home

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Staging your home is an important part of the home selling process. According to The Mortgage Reports, 73 percent of staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes. Staging your home may seem like an expensive and intimidating task, but it is possible to pull off a great home staging without giving yourself a migraine and spending a lot of money.

Decluttering and Depersonalizing

Before the arranging part of staging can be done, your home must be free of clutter and personalized items. The decluttering process may seem like the moving process. In a way, you can think of this as a headstart to your move after the sale. The only difference is you are leaving all the essential furnishings and appliances intact.

To make this job go smoothly, you should start with the most cluttered rooms first. It is a good idea to place your belongings in boxes marked according to whether you plan to sell them, give them away, save them, or throw them away. In the end, every item that doesn’t complement the function or purpose of the room should be gone. This includes tattered furniture or light fixtures that no longer work. When you are finished, the buyer will see the beauty of your home.

Along with removing non-essential things from your home, you must take out every item that identifies you and your personality. This includes vacation pictures, banners, artwork, signature throw rugs, and trophies. In addition, depersonalizing requires painting neutral colors on the walls to replace any shades that are considered unique to you.

Arranging and Designing

Each home has its own unique assets and flaws. During this part of the staging process, you should strive to accentuate your home’s attractive features and de-emphasize its shortcomings. In some cases, home sellers don’t have a clue about staging their homes. Even if you are not one of those sellers, it is wise to gather intelligence on other homes in your market. It would be interesting to see how they measure up. You can do this by searching local listings for properties in your home’s price range. Also, by looking at listings, you can check out the competition’s staging techniques. To get a firsthand look, you can drop in on a few open houses to find out how other sellers handle decluttering, depersonalizing and staging.

Regardless of your staging plan, keep in mind the importance of curb appeal too. The front exterior of your home sets the tone of each buyer’s experience. As such, it should reflect the character of your home. Because of this, the lawn should be freshly mowed, and the front door should be painted with neutral colors. You can beautify your front porch with flowers and plants. For some added touches, you can display stylish house numbers, and you can make sure that the walkway is squeaky clean.

When buyers enter your home, your living areas should be well illuminated with natural light. You can achieve this by drawing light from window treatments and skylights. In the common areas, you can arrange the furniture in a way to steer buyers toward the areas you want to highlight. Just be sure to remove anything that takes up too much space; you want the room to flow. Whatever furniture you keep should be thoroughly cleaned and oiled. If you have pieces that are worse for wear, consider having them reupholstered or refinished. A pro can easily tackle this sort of job quickly, and you can find a top-rated expert with the terms “reupholster near me” who can fit your timeline.

By using these methods, staging your home doesn’t have to be a costly or difficult task. Your focus on decluttering, depersonalizing, and methodically staging your home will ensure that your home will be shown in the most alluring way possible.

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Article By: Emily Graham

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