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Applying for an ADU Permit

Where do you start?

Step 1: Hire a professional.

Although you might be intelligent, savvy and have taken on many types of projects in the past, the best advise we can give you is to hire a professional that has experience with the various government agencies approving your ADU project.

DesignArt Studios is a professional design firm specializing in residential design experienced with all aspects of planning and permitting.

Step 2: Planning, Design and Drawings.

Work with a professional designer, architect, or a Design Studio such as DesignArt Studios to pull together the design for your new ADU or Junior ADU. Meet with the design team to speak about your space, style and budget along with what your options are. Do you have a detached or attached garage conversion? Does the existing space qualify as a Junior ADU? Can you build a new development on your existing property? These are all questions a professional, once retained, can answer and help you make the right decisions for your space.

The professional will also be in contact with the Planning Department to determine if planning approvals are needed for your ADU or Junior ADU project, depending where your property is located, before submitting for a building permit. If Planning approvals are required, your design team will get drawings together and submit them for planning approvals. There are applications and requirements needed, for submittals that your professional team will be involved in obtaining to take this stress off your plate.

During this planning phase, you or your design team can also be in contact with a General Contractor to obtain preliminary building costs so that the design can stay within budget. If any changes need to be made, this is the time to do so.

Step 3: Construction Documents

Once the design is completed and approved by you, the client, and planning approvals are obtained (if required) the design team will pull together a set of construction documents which will include site plan, existing and proposed floor plans, roof plans, interior and exterior elevations, electrical plan, structural drawings, energy calculations etc. Regardless of the scope of work, or the size of your ADU or Junior ADU project construction documents are required for obtaining a building permit.

Step 4: Building Permit

After the building permit is issued, you are ready for construction! Contruction times vary, but we always suggest having all of the finish materials, fixtures etc stored on site before demo starts, so that the construction project can run as smoothly as possible!

DesignArt Studios is here to help! Contact us at (805) 899-2349 or email us at to speak about your project!

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