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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is DesignArt Studios? 


We are a full service firm. Our team consists of certified interior designers and a licensed building contractor who understand the building process. We will work with you to keep your projects on schedule and ensure a beautiful finished product that you can be proud of. 


You can take advantage of our full design services, or we can work with you a la carte, the decision is up to you. We can help you from preliminary design, all the way to the construction and development, or we can customize our services to fit your needs. 



Why should we spec our cabinets from a design studio shop when a local cabinet builder can offer better pricing? 



While our products may not be the least expensive, we provide a high quality product and unique design that sets your project apart from others. 


Ease of Doing Business

Our cabinetry comes ready to install, eliminating the need for additional customization and finishing in the field. You have one point of accountability for follow-up and completion of the job. We stand by our reputation as a professional design firm and will work with you until you are satisfied. We strive to simplify your life by offering quality products and a simplified business process that meets your needs. 


Finishes- Quality, Durability and Consistency

Even skilled carpenters and cabinet makers are unfortunately limited by strict California EPA laws. This means that the finishes they provide are often weak and and can fade and wear off after install. Our Cabinetry is sourced outside of California, in a controlled manufacturing environment, resulting in a stronger, more durable finish. 


Factory finishes are also more consistent. We provide you with door samples, prior to ordering, that will be consistent with the finish on the cabinets you receive. There is no guesswork and no need to repaint or refinish your cabinets. 


Environmentally Friendly Product

One or more of our cabinet lines is a recyclable and sustainable product. Zero VOC's in the stains, paints sealers etc. 100% recycled hardware made completely of metal and polymers, no plastic. PureBond Plywood Construction, less weight, 100% FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council), higher resistance and reduces field failures than MDF and regular plywood. 


Product Warranty

Our cabinet lines offer a lifetime warranty on factory parts and finishes. Many local cabinet makers and painters do not offer a warranty on parts or finishes.



What is the average lead time on cabinets from DesignArt Studios? 


Lead times generally range from 8-12 weeks.


How can you order cabinets if the walls have not been framed yet? 


We work with you to develop working drawings, including scaled floor plans and elevations. These drawings are shared with the architect and builder to help ensure appliances, fixtures and cabinetry fit in the future space. 


What are some other benefits of working with a design house like DesignArt Studios? 



DesignArt Studios is a professional design firm, striving for quality, the satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. 


Convenience and Efficiency

Because we are a full service design firm, we can take your project from start to finish. From the initial design through finish construction.


Design Potential

When it comes to your space, DesignArt Studios sees the unique potential with each project. It’s easy to get used to a space and it's existing function, often assuming there are no other options. As professional designers we see the possibilities you might not have considered. Through our space planning we re-create spaces and transform them to meet their full potential. 


Up to Date Tools

Clients frequently find it tough to picture in your mind exactly how things will fit and look. Proper drawings will ensure that the spaces, design intent, and pieces come together the right way, and in good proportions, scale and function. Our 3D models will help you see the spaces and better visualize the design. 


At DesignArt Studios we use a range of software programs that produce accurate drawings and 3D visualizations of a space.



DesignArt Studios has the experience needed to obtain building permits with local agencies, and can take this process completely off your hands. We know how to properly communicate the design to the relevant agencies with detailed drawings, documentation and follow-ups in order to obtain a building permit prior to construction.


Project Management

When engaged for project management services, we as your design firm act as the owners advisor during the construction. We attend site meetings and review construction progress. We are your eyes and ears and guide you through the remodel process.


During a construction project changes are inevitable. It’s impossible to predict all conditions or to guarantee that construction documents have all relevant information. When unforeseen conditions arise or if you decide to make changes during the construction, we will help guide you to review the proposed changes to the scope of work, with the feasibility and the associated costs, etc.  


Relationship with vendors, resources and contacts

There are always new products coming out on the market. We put time into researching and staying current with new materials and with various vendors, to understand the new products and help determine if any are appropriate for your project.


Saving Time

Designing, building and even furnishing a home or space is a bit like planning a wedding: You don’t realize the incredible number of decisions that need to be made until the process is already underway and the to-do lists start to pile up.


A professional firm like DesignArt Studios, with years overseeing complicated projects, will be able to spot the ways things could go off course ahead of time and then plan to avoid these issues. Along with coordinating the ordering and delivery of materials, the different tradespeople and installers, and your personal schedule can be hectic, but it’s important to make sure these moving parts coordinate smoothly, or the project can see serious delays. This is OUR job!


Saving Money

Believe it or not, hiring a professional firm like DesignArt Studios to help manage your project can save you money. An investment in planning with a professional firm, pays for itself.

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