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Upscale Redecorating Tips for Your Rental

Upscale Redecorating Tips for Your Rental

Decorating a rental can be challenging. After all, you can’t just paint the walls or install new appliances on a whim! But with a careful approach, an eye for design, and possibly the help of an interior designer, you can make impactful changes. Here, DesignArt Studios shares a few design tips you can apply based on your lifestyle to make your rental feel more personalized and tailored to fit your needs.

Kid-Friendly Design

If you have kids, you might be hesitant to invest in upgrading your interior spaces - after all, kids are bound to make messes sometimes. However, it is possible to balance a touch of luxury with family-friendly interior design choices. Homesville recommends choosing tapestries, curtains, and rugs in dark colors made from quality fabrics that can be cleaned easily, creating plenty of storage spaces to avoid clutter, and holding off on purchasing fragile antiques until your children are a bit older.

Set Up Your Home Office

If you work from home, it is important to have a dedicated space to work out of. This is just another space you can design with your needs and style in mind. After all, you’ll have more creative freedom at home than in a cubicle! When planning your home office set up, remember that location is certainly a factor. Separate the area from the rest of the house as much as you can, and choose a room with a door so distractions will be minimized. This allows you to draw a clear line between your home life and your work life. When it comes to decor, focus on a few details that will help boost your productivity, such as comfortable furniture that encourages good posture, adding hints of bright colors known to increase concentration, adequate lighting so you don't strain your eyes staring at a screen for prolonged periods of time, and adding a few decorative details that bring you joy.

To make your home office feel classy, Distinctive Collection recommends picking out decor in rich colors like sunny yellow or deep purple, investing in a custom ergonomic chair for optimal support, balancing bright task lights with soft atmospheric lights, and choosing a vintage desk.

Create a Relaxation Room

If you feel like you’re always busy, establishing a cozy relaxation space in your rental can help you wind down. You can use this space for yoga, meditation, journaling, or curling up with a good cup of tea and your favorite book or podcast.

Depending on your preferred activities, you may want to get a yoga mat or a meditation cushion. Lamps are also available with three-way switches for mood lighting, hang up string lights, and scatter candles to create the right atmosphere. If your relaxation space has large windows and gets plenty of sunlight, this is also a good place for houseplants! HGTV points out that low-maintenance houseplants won’t require much care, and they can help to purify the air.

Decor for Hosting

Do you enjoy entertaining guests? If you like hosting your loved ones when they come to town, you may want to add some special touches to your guest room. Try placing a bench at the end of the bed so your guests have an easy place to unpack, keeping extra blankets in the closet, adding a floor lamp for better lighting, and putting up a full-length mirror. If you tend to host guests around the holidays, they will appreciate having a space to get ready for dinners and events!

You can also pay special attention to your dining space - from fresh flowers in a beautiful vase to a snazzy bar cart, small features can make a big difference when you’re welcoming guests for dinner!

Consider a New Space

What if your current rental simply lacks the features that you desire most? It might be time to check out other listings on your local market. By going online and searching properties, you can find homes in your specific price range with the amenities you desire. Searching for rentals in Santa Barbara can be simplified by using these sites, which allow you to set your price range so you only see properties within your budget, as well as other parameters like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other amenities. Narrowing your search with these criteria is a great way to avoid wasting time visiting the properties, as you’ll know what to expect upfront.

Living in a rental can limit some of your design choices. But there are still plenty of opportunities to get creative with your rental’s interior! With these tips – including design with the kids in mind, carving out a dedicated space for your home office, and creating a “chill” room – you’ll be able to bring some personal flair to your rental.

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When you’re looking for a full-service design firm in Santa Barbara, DesignArt Studios is a wonderful source for your design needs. Connect with us today for more information! 805.899.2349


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