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Our Products- Custom Cabinetry

Design Art Studios offers high-quality custom cabinetry in Santa Barbara, CA. We work with some of the most beautiful products from around the world. Our mission is to combine great design with outstanding customer service and luxury products.

Custom Cabinetry in Santa Barbara, CA
custom cabinetry Santa Barbara CA

Creating dream kitchens since 1972 this Custom Cabinetry line continues to push the boundaries of what defines a luxury kitchen. William Ohs provides us with custom cabinetry precisley engineered, with unlimited options of custom finishes to make each project unique and a limited lifetime warranty that ensures your purchase will retain its integrity for years to come. 

Bathroom Remodeling in Santa Barbara, CA
Bathroom Remodeling Santa Barbara, CA

This Clean Air Kitchen® lets you breathe easy, with the greenest and most environmentally friendly finishes in the industry. Many other kitchen cabinet manufacturers use low-VOC topcoats to seal in the VOCs. Only this Custom Cabinetry line uses zero VOCs in all of their paints, stains, finishes and topcoats.

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