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From drab to FAB!- Motel renovation!

The Santa Cota Motel, previously known as the Sanja Cota Motor Lodge, was in need of some serious tender loving care (TLC). Built and operating since the 1960's, this once vibrant Red Barn structure, with a retro 60's style that encompassed the interior motel rooms, was falling apart and quickly becoming outdated. It needed a big renovation of the exterior and 23 interior guest rooms.

DesignArt Studios took on the challenge and designed a new layout for the guest rooms that fit the modern guest and re-designed the exterior with new materials and colors. Giving it a modern farmhouse style and incorporating warm wood stained outdoor patio fencing for the new courtyards. Although adding back the pool that once was a highlight for the guests of the motel was not in the owner's budget, re-doing the parking area was much needed. Not only for ADA accessibility, but for drainage and safety as well.

The interior remodeled rooms, received a new layout that is more functional, they also have new commercial laminate wood like flooring, showers, water closets, tile flooring, storage closets, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, air conditioning and heating, ceiling fans, TV's, furniture and decor, along with 2 new ADA Accessible guest rooms and 4 rooms with exterior patio courtyards that give life again to this once popular spot to stay!

The interior guest rooms, in their simplicity, are spacious and welcoming. A perfect combination for this hidden gem in the Santa Ynez Valley. Although mostly monochromatic, there are pops of color in through out the room.

The goal was for the interior to appeal to everyone and create a comfortable and pleasant environment for all to stay. Whether a family with children, a couple on a romantic getaway for an anniversary or a travel trip for business, the rooms are fit for all.

When in the Santa Ynez Valley, please check out the motel design at the

Santa Cota Motel on HWY 246!

If you are interested in seeing how you can transform your spaces please give us a call at (805) 899-2349. We would love to hear about your project!

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