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3 Ways To Refresh Your Home's Style After the Pandemic- by Megan Cooper (

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

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If you've hunkered down during the pandemic, you've probably spent a lot of time in your home. The chances are that you haven't had much company, if any, and you may have let some housekeeping protocols slide as your house became headquarters for work, school and living.

Now as people gradually emerge from their secluded spaces, you may feel ready to welcome guests again. Before you entertain visitors, though, do you want to set the refresh button? If so, here are three ways you can revive your home's style.

1. Add Life to Your Walls

Walls are the background of the home, but they can play a prominent role in refreshing your style. Wallpaper can create a designer look by adding color and texture. Today's wallpapers can add dimension with raised inks and mural motifs. In addition, wallpaper is durable and ideal for high-traffic areas. According to decorating experts on LinkedIn, high-quality wallpaper lasts about 15 years.

If you're ready to try wallpaper, consider the peel-and-stick variety. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is simple to apply with adhesive backing and easy to reposition if needed. When you're ready to change your look, peel-and-stick wallpaper is simpler to remove than traditional wallpaper.

Print-on-demand wallpaper allows you to customize a design for a look that is uniquely yours. You also won't need to worry about your pattern going out of stock if you choose a print-on-demand option, and places like Spoonflower even let you design your own for the ultimate in a custom wall treatment.

2. Refresh or Replace Your Cabinets

You can revive your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room by painting your cabinets. The right color can transform the room's mood, and paint is inexpensive and easily changed. If your kitchen feels dark, for example, consider painting the cabinets a bright color that reflects light. On the other hand, if you're ready to add color to your all-white kitchen, painting your cabinets can set the tone you want — anything from neutral shades that soothe to vibrant hues that add energy.

Changing the hardware on your cabinets is another easy and inexpensive way to update your room. You don't need advanced carpentry skills to replace hardware, either. You can find knobs and pulls in almost any style, from traditional to funky to modern. Once you've replaced your cabinet hardware, you may be surprised at how much a seemingly small feature transforms the look of your cabinets.

If your cabinets are beyond restoring, you may be ready to replace them. Installing new cabinets lets you make significant structure and location changes. Custom cabinets are the ultimate way to equip your room with precisely what you need.

3. Replace Your Light Fixtures

Another update that requires minimal skills is replacing light fixtures. You can find chic versions that are budget-friendly, making them an affordable way to style a room. Consider an industrial look in the kitchen, for example, with iron-like fixtures and Edison bulbs. Replace a traditional ceiling fan with something sleek and colorful. A bathroom can have instant glamor with a fancy chandelier.

As you update your light fixtures, be sure your bulbs match. Buy enough of the same style and color for a uniform look. The same rule applies to canister lighting — all bulbs should match so that lighting is consistent throughout the room.

If you're ready to renew your home before you welcome company, a few changes can make your house feel new again. Your company can appreciate your efforts, but most importantly, you can too.

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